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Discover the ultimate retro experience at La Boutique Vintage!

Our Vynil Shop is the perfect place to explore the best of classic music.

Visit us in the heart of the city to find a wide selection of Vynils and more.


The Best Diversity

Welcome to La Boutique Vintage,

the premier destination for all vinyl enthusiasts!

Our shop is stocked with a wide variety of rare and vintage records, carefully curated to please even the most discerning ear.

Whether you’re looking for classic rock, soul, jazz, or any other genre, you’ll find something to love in our selection. Stop by and take a look around. you never know what hidden gems you may discover!


The Best Quality

At La Boutique Vintage, we specialize in supplying vintage vinyl records and turntables. We appreciate the unique sound of vinyl and strive to bring you the best quality records that have been carefully selected and inspected.

our Vinyl undergo two cleaning stages. 

First degreasing solution then

 a passage through an ultrasonic machine.

All our Vinyl have received the note « NM » or « EX ».

We in La Boutique Vintage have a wide variety

of over 4000 Vinyl for your choosing.

From Rare Vinyl that are almost impossible to get this days

to more common for those who just want to enjoy

the sweet sound of great music.

The Best Service


The Best Service

La Boutique Vintage is a one man business

providing great service to customers who are looking for a unique, boutique shopping experience.

We in La Boutique Vintage promise you a smooth ride

between the moment of purchase till you receive the product.

Our Vinyl are sent within a

maximum of 48 hours since purchase

with a tracking number for your convenience.

We also deliver anywhere around the world.

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